Trip Inspection in Centennial

Headed out of town or out into the wild? Be sure to have the ASE-Certified Master auto mechanics at HotSHots Automotive in Centennial give your vehicle a thorough trip Inspection before you head out. The last thing you need is to be stuck off the road somewhere without helpful traffic and cellular service.

At HotShots Automotive, our top-notch auto mechanics use the latest tools and equipment to spot a potential problem a mile away. They’ll let you know if they find anything and, with your permission, take care of what they do find right away.

Before your next road trip, hunting or fishing trip, skiing adventure, or a wild mountain ride, remember to stop by HotShots Automotive for a trip inspection before you go. That way, we’ll be sure to see you upon your safe return.

Take it from Ryan P. Here’s what he has to say about our HotShots Automotive trip inspections:

“Steve and his crew always do an excellent job. I appreciate how he explains everything and offers ideas on how to save money. I routinely take my jeep to Hot Shots after every rock crawling trip and they do a great job getting it ready for the next one!” -- Ryan P.

If you have questions regarding our trip inspections, call HotShots Automotive, schedule an appointment online or stop by HotShots Automotive at 15035 E. Hinsdale Dr., Centennial, CO, 80112. Our ASE-Certified Master auto mechanics/technicians look forward to taking care of you, your trip inspection, and all your auto repair needs.