• 5 Hotshots Automotive Inc.

    Once again, another great experience with Hotshots. Keep up the great service guys:)) I will see you soon. ))))

  • 5 Hotshots Automotive Inc.

    Oil change very fast easy service

  • 5 Hotshots Automotive Inc.

    Love this shop. Owner, Steve ,brilliant. Always professional, knowledgeable, kind. Highly recommend this shop to everyone. They stand behind there work. Staff working hard to make your visit Great!!! Thanks Hotshots for being there for ME!! :))

    Our pleasure Christi! Thanks for being an amazing customer over the years! - Hotshots Automotive, Inc.
  • 5 Hotshots Automotive Inc.

    As always, Steve, Tim, and relative newcomer (to me) David were extremely professional, courteous, informative, and a pleasure with which to deal. In my opinion, a secret to a good life is having an auto mechanic you can rely upon and trust. These guys go above and beyond!!!! And, they have been super supportive with a warranty issue I have with the auto manufacturer, providing computer scan evidence to help in my claim . I have been a loyal customer from the beginning of Hotshots Automotive and will continue!!!! Thanks Hotshots!!! Keith Cox

    Thank you for the kind words Keith! - Hotshots Automotive, Inc.
  • 5 Hotshots Automotive Inc.

    You can always trust these guys! Steve does an amazing amount of research so he knows the intricate details of every situation. I have been going to him for 30 years and he has never steered me wrong. If you don't need something, he will tell you. If there is a cheaper alternative, he tells you. He recently recommended I trade in my car rather than get expensive repairs. So when he does recommend a repair, you can be sure it is legit.

    We are always happy to help whether big or small! Thanks for the business over the years Phil! - Hotshots Automotive, Inc.
  • 4.5 Hotshots Automotive Inc.


    Thanks Larry! - Hotshots Automotive, Inc.
  • 5 Hotshots Automotive Inc.

    Standard performance in receiving timely excellent service.

    Thank you Dennis! - Hotshots Automotive, Inc.
  • 5 Hotshots Automotive Inc.

    Thank you Hot Shots team for getting my 2008 Bullit Mustang running like a dream! I appreciate your professionalism and expertise!

    Thanks for the kind words Laura! - Hotshots Automotive, Inc.
  • 5 Hotshots Automotive Inc.

    I hit a deep pothole. It was bad. My steering wheel went from 12-o'clock (perfectly centered) to a right turn at almost 3-o'clock while going straight. My first thought was to call Frank Azar - the Strong Arm and get a few hundred thousand dollars. Reality set in and I called Hot Shots. The team got me right in and worked their magic. A few hours later, my truck was ready and the steering wheel was back at center. Thanks guys! I appreciate the quick service to meet my busy schedule.

    Thanks for the kind review Kirk. We are glad to see that you survived your trip to the sand dunes! - Hotshots Automotive, Inc.
  • 5 Hotshots Automotive Inc.

    Hot Shots Has always given excellent service and great value. Over the years the staff have gained my trust and loyalty. They take the time to explain what is needed and prioritize their recommendations as to what is necessary to do, what should be done, and what would be, nice to do. I appreciate their efforts.

    Thank you for the kind words Mike. We will continue to work hard for you and keep your vehicles going for a long time! - Hotshots Automotive, Inc.
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