Engine: Service/Repair - Minor in Centennial

Centennial drivers count on the team of auto mechanics at HotShots Automotive for minor engine service and repair. Whenever you are experiencing a complication with your car, such an odd noise when turning the wheel or a funny smell when you put your key in the ignition, bring your vehicle to us. We are honored to be the go-to auto repair shop.

At HotShots Automotive in Centennial, we boast the experience, education, and equipment to properly service your vehicle. There is no too big or small that we can’t handle, including minor engine service and repair. In fact, dealerships and independent auto repair shops alike turn to us when faced with a problem deemed unsolvable. Time and again, we prove just how we have earned the reputation as the auto repair shop that fixes just about any problem on four wheels.

The next time you need minor engine service and repair, we encourage you to consider our team of auto mechanics at HotShots Automotive in Centennial. We believe this honest review left by one of our loyal clients is evidence of our efforts. Take a look:

“Excellent advice and outstanding service! I can always count on Hotshots Automotive for the right care of my vehicles.” -- Steve D.

HotShots Automotive is what you would call an above and beyond auto repair shop. From our 3-month follow-up call to extensive technician training, we do more than expected. Our hard work continues to pay off, as the 200,000-mile mark continues to become the norm for our clients. If you have questions regarding minor engine service and repair, call HotShots Automotive, schedule an appointment online, or stop by HotShots Automotive at 15035 E. Hinsdale Dr., Centennial, CO, 80112