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Weather Tech Automobile Floor Liners is the latest advancement in auto accessories that promise to trap dirt and mud inside their extremely durable, form-fitting rubber auto floor mats. It is the perfect choice for all types of weather, entrapping muck, soil and grime in a newly engineered design that helps to keep the filth right where it belongs…on the mat and not spilling throughout the entire automobile.

The uniquely designed shape has an upturned outer edge that keeps these auto floor mats in place, unlike other “flat” versions that always seem to move around and need to be readjusted whenever you enter or exit the vehicle. It’s a great choice for soccer moms who no longer have to worry about the team’s muddy cleats after the big game. Contractors and others who work outside in the elements find them the perfect choice for keeping their vehicles looking clean and professional at all times.


These thick rubber auto floor mats are currently being offered in three different colors of Black, Grey and Tan. They are designed to custom fit within the floor boards of your vehicle and are provided with an outer, upturned edge that keeps snow, rain or even spilled coffee inside the bowl-like construction. WeatherTech offers a 10-year Warranty against poor quality or defects and even guarantees the price for up to 1 year after purchase. If you find a better price anywhere, they will refund the difference.


Even though they are ordered to your vehicle’s dimensional requirements based on its Make and Model type, these impressive versions of floor mat auto accessories can also be easily trimmed or altered to meet your specific needs. The WeatherTech auto floor mats offer ridges on the underside to further enhance its stability and immobility features, while also providing similar treading on the top side for enhanced traction and slip resistance.

More Choices

WeatherTech offers more than just perfectly fitting auto floor mats. With all of the different variety in shapes and sizes of Cars, Trucks, Minivans, SUV’s and Pickups on the road today, they have included other designs of auto accessories as well, such as Pickup Bed Liners and Liners for the Tailgate to protect against scratching and normal wear and tear. Liners for the cargo areas of your SUV or Minivan are also offered, and WeatherTech even takes into account the sometimes odd shape of the “hump” of these larger vehicles when you purchase the backseat auto floor mats options.

If you would like to learn more about getting these incredible auto floor mats for your vehicle please give us a call today!