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HotShots Automotive offers Centennial CO customers top Oil Change Shop products and services. Our experts specializes in Exhaust Repair & Service, 4 Wheel Drive Service, SUV Repair & Service. HotShots Automotive has grown to be Centennial CO’s Oil Change Shop Business leader. Our exceptional customer support team looks forward to serving you. Call us for additional information.

A “lube,” refers to the greasing and smoothing of the major moving parts of an automotive vehicle that are essential to that vehicle’s suspension, drive train, and engine compartment parts. It is an important step in the complete preventative maintenance of your vehicle, and is usually done at the same time you have the oil changed.

A vehicle’s suspension is what gives you the comfort of stability between the tires and the surfaces of the roads you travel, and gives you the power to steer and control the vehicle.

A drive train is the vehicle’s system for transporting the flow of power to the wheels, allowing the car to move.

The engine compartment holds the engine and all its parts.

An oil change and lube is recommended at intervals of every 3000 miles, or 90 days. There are different types of oil, used for various purposes. High mileage oil restores seals and gaskets, and will slow down the pace of oil usage. A semi- blend type of oil is used for “high-revving” engines. Full synthetic oils are best all-around for fuel economy , and engine performance and endurance. Keeping oil fresh cools, and cleans, to promote engine durability.

Over-all, full service oil changes will include:

  • Drainage, or EVAC old fuel, and refill.
  • Lubricate chassis, when needed.
  • Check air filters.
  • Check PCV valve.
  • Check and fill fluids – brake, power steering, transmission, and battery water.
  • Check engine coolant – anti-freeze.
  • Check wiper blades and tire pressure.
  • Wash outside windows and check exterior lights.

EVAC is an oil removal system that uses vacuum-like pressure to remove the old oil from automotive engines. The system is good for the environment, as the operation siphons out the oil and stores it for re-cycling.

The frame and wheels of a vehicle make up its chassis. Lubrication is only necessary for older model vehicles that have rubber grease joints that tend to dry out, as opposed to the superior compounds used today.

The PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve controls the continual release of gases from the engine’s crankcase. This system also benefits the environment, through the prevention of added air pollution from emissions.

Knowing how vital all these systems are to the peak performance of a vehicle ,the importance of proper maintenance is clear. A well-qualified garage technician can be your car’s best friend!