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Du-Ha Truck Storage Solutions | Hotshots Automotive, Inc.

DU-HA offers storage solutions for trucks of many different choices and options for keeping the interior of your vehicle organized and orderly. Regardless of the Make or Model of your pickup, DU-HA has a solution for everyone. It’s the perfect choice for hunters, contractors, sports enthusiasts or for anyone who simply needs a little help keeping things shipshape and easily locatable.

Popular Storage Solutions For Trucks

The more popular DU-HA products and storage solutions for trucks come in the form of a resilient storage unit that fits neatly behind the driver’s seat or under the rear seat of the pickup. Nearly all of their offerings are portable without the need for permanent bracketing or welding. They fit into standard model pickups, crew cabs, and extended or super crews, each provided with a locking device for increased safety.

Other Storage Solutions For Trucks

The standard DU-HA truck accessories will also work well in most SUV’s. Since they are easily portable and extremely durable, made from a very heavy-duty polyethylene material, owners can easily locate these storage units in the back cargo area. Most SUVs and Pickup beds can carry 3 of these standard totes side-by-side. Use them to store tow ropes, jumper cables, fishing tackle, tie down straps, spare car batteries, extra safety flashers, or even your camouflage gear for unexpected hunting opportunities.

Du-Ha Truck Storage Solutions | Hotshots Automotive, Inc. - image #2Other DU-HA products and storage solutions for trucks include several different types of60052_du-ha_gun_racks_sm Receiver Caddies that fit securely in the rear of the vehicle behind the rear wheel well. It is the perfect size and shape to hold 2 extra ball mounts as well as other smaller truck accessories. Store spare lamp bulbs, trailer light plugs, or hitch pins in a locked location to prevent potential injury from the possibility of these objects flying around in your interior cab.

The Perfect Solution for Gun Owners

A standard feature is a 2-piece gun rack and organizer. It carries from 2 to 4 guns at one time and is a legally authorized gun case in nearly every state. Rifles can be stored with or without the scoping mechanisms as well. Made from a very sturdy polyethylene construction, these truck accessories are water resistant, protecting your expensive cargo from the elements of weather, dirt and debris.

These DU-HA storage solutions for trucks are the perfect choice for toting and safely storing your rifles and ammunition. Inside you will find a foam protective coating that protects your valuables from damage. With three sturdy hinges on each case, no one is going to be able to break in to your unit after it is locked, making it the safest choice for families with small children or teenagers. With a focus on fit and finish, these truck accessories are both visually impressive and long-lasting!

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