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Good brakes mean safer driving. Warning signs that could mean that your vehicle needs brake service include:

  • If the vehicle pulls to one side or the other when you brake, or if you feel a loss of engine power – these are signs of what is called “drag.”
  • A lot of brake screeching or groaning – get service right away.
  • If you have to push the brake pedal nearly to the floor for response.
  • If you feel any vibration.
  • If the brake warning light comes on.

Pulling to one side can be dangerous, and you should seek repair ASAP. If the pull is extreme, you shouldn’t drive at all – have the vehicle towed to the brake repair shop.

Noisy brakes may mean that you’ll need to have the brake pads replaced.

Having to apply excessive pressure to make the brakes respond, or slow response, are indicators of leaking brake fluid.

A brake shop can offer many services. A “diagnostic” is an intense inspection done by a mechanic to determine if your brake assembly is in peak performance mode. The mechanic will be able to tell if repairs can be made, or if replacement is necessary.

Try to be able to explain, in detail, and clearly, the issues you think need attention when you talk to a mechanic. The more descriptive you can be, the better able the mechanic will be to tell what’s going on with the vehicle, and maybe save some diagnostic time.

Some of the repair and preventative measures that may be done by a brake repair shop include re-surfacing rotors and brake drums to ensure even braking. This procedure can be done as many times as needed, until these parts become worn, when they will need to be replaced. Manufacturer’s specifications apply. Good brakes are important for safety. An emergency stop has to be on the mark. Make sure any replacement parts meet the standards required by the manufacturer of your particular vehicle for greater brake efficiency.

“Bleeding” expels air from the brake system and should be done when any part of the system has had to be exchanged. “Flushing” removes any impurities , caused by build-up of sludge, and should be done at regular intervals of 24,000 miles, or every 2 years. If you have this done as suggested, you can expect better longevity.

Look for a top-quality repair shop that specializes in brake repair, with qualified mechanics and a reputation for leadership in the industry.